Class Descriptions


(including Baby Ballet and graded classes)

Classical Ballet is most popular dance style among young children and is the foundation of all dance styles. Students learn in a calm and friendly environment and are taught the ISTD syllabus by ISTD qualified teachers. Baby ballets students learn the basics by incorporating fun imagery along with the help of props. Children learning this dance style then progress onto graded classes with a good foundation in ballet.



(including Baby Tap and graded classes)

Tap dance is a very popular dance style with all age groups and we offer classes for children from 2.5 years. Classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic tap technique highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.  Students progress through the grades following the ISTD syllabus, taught by ISTD qualified teachers. Recently some up beat tempo songs have been introduced to the syllabus for us all to enjoy tapping to.


Classes are provided for children who love to dance and exercise to some exciting up tempo music. Students gain strength and coordination as they learn simple dance steps leading to more complex routines as they progress through the grades. Classes follow the syllabus of the ISTD from Grade One to Major levels, and are taught by ISTD qualified teachers.

Street dance

This is one of the most exciting and popular dance styles at the moment. Our street dance classes are designed to give fun-filled sessions where students will learn to let go and express themselves to their favourite music. Our expert street dance teacher will help pupils understand rhythm, coordination and will teach the basic as well as more challenging moves and grooves. These will be grouped in energetic street dance routines you can practice and perform with attitude.


Acrobatics is a unique dance style which develops great flexibility and strength to achieve balances, lifts, bends and splits.  It also incorporates elements of jazz, ballet and gymnastics. Acrobatics is an energetic and fun form of exercise for boys and girls of all ages.Tricks, kicks and splits… ‘Acro’ combines dance moves and acrobatic movements known as tricks. The tricks become progressively more difficult and complex as the dancers develop their flexibility, strength and bravery!  The dance movements in acro include ballet, jazz and modern dance styles, making it a useful addition to a young dancers training. Students in this class will have the added advantage of using mats to ensure they are safe.


Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, acting and dance. Classes will be based around West End musicals and some elements from on Broadway. This class is made for anyone who loves to sing and dance!


Commercial is a strong, funky and super entertaining dance style that encourages performance and aids precision and versatility. Commercial dance is a great skill for any dancer and one of the best dance forms to release your inner diva!

Contemporary / Lyrical

Contemporary is a dynamic, creative and expressive style of dance incorporating several dance genres. Our classes explore a range of technical principles such as connectivity from one movement to the next, how to challenge gravity and work towards connecting the mind and body through fluid movements.

Tippy Toes Mummy and Me Ballet 12 – 30months

Movement is the key to learning and our tippy toes ballet class is carefully designed to support your baby through their natural development stages. The class provides a stimulating yet gentle introduction to song and dance using sensory rich resources. Watch their balance and body awareness improve in this supportive and fun environment.

Tippy Toes Mummy and Me Ballet

Twinkle toes Mummy and Me Ballet 12 – 30 months

Building on movement and songs taught in the Tippy Toes class your child will learn the basics of ballet through jumping, twirling, swaying and galloping with you still by their side. With lots of imagination, props and age appropriate songs you will see your little ones flourish.


Our cheerleading classes are for ages 5-9 yrs. Students will learn arm motions, correct posture, jumps and kicks, side-line cheers, and dances with poms. We will also cover some basic tumbles on our inflatable air track. 
The emphasis is on having fun whilst pushing the students limits and learning a new skill in a supportive environment. 
It’s a jam-packed hour of excitement.
We provide the pom poms!!